Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing consumer preferences, mobile devices, and mobile marketing are creating a dynamic shift in traditional advertising. We have two solutions for mobile marketing. We produce highly intuitive mobile versions of your website for mobile devices as well as other marketing options such as SMS and browser specific advertising to make certain you are found when searched from a mobile device.


Become a Part Of The Revolution


If your web site is not mobile browser friendly you could be missing 20% of your customer base.


Did you know? People in the U.S. send more text messages than make voice calls per month.


Did you know? Mobile Marketing can increase your visibility 30% by adding mobile web.


"We are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution that will render the principles and models of traditional marketing obsolete. A revolution that will change the face of marketing and advertising forever. A revolution that will replace traditional feature-and-benefit marketing with experiential marketing." -Bernd H. Schmitt, author of the bestseller "Experiential Marketing."


Now is the time to join mobile marketing revolution. It is time to make the fundamental change in the way you promote your brand. Stop talking AT your audience. Talk WITH them. Deepen your current customer relationships and build new ones by integrating mobile advertising into your current campaigns.


There are an estimated 257 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. alone, who send an average of 1.6 billion text messages per day. 20% of web browsing now occurs on a mobile device.


Mobile devices are the most personal communications tools consumers own. In this regard, marketers must take special caution when accessing them.


At BrainWired our expertise, knowledge and experience is the foundation for our unique, engaging and effective mobile campaigns geared to increase your customer base and revenue.



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