Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management


We help you manage and protect your reputation by monitoring what is being said about your company online. It is very easy for anyone to publish negative information on opinion sites that can affect your company’s sales, image and reputation; ultimately damaging your brand.


Protect your brand. Know what is being said about you


ORM is a relatively new industry but has been brought to the forefront of professionals’ consciousness due to the overwhelming and many times unpredictable nature of both professional journalistic content and amateur user-generated content (or UGC), the latter of which there is far more, and not the least because of the wide number websites that offer such an opportunity to visitors, typically with very low barriers to entry--often just by creating a screen name, registering one's birthday and a geographical location, and providing a valid email address to complete the account-creation process. Thus, the type of online content monitored in ORM spans professional, journalism sponsored by traditional news and media giants as well as user-created and user-generated blogs, ratings, reviews, and comments, and all manner of specialized websites about any particular subject, be it a person, group, company, business, product, event, concept, or trend.


Many clients come to us after they uncover negative information about their company online, resulting in a major campaign to clean up the results.


The most cost effective way to protect your good name is let us proactively protect your online reputation.



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