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BrainWired understands that each client has different needs and budgets.  As a results, we have divided our search engine optimization services into multiple plans.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for the success of any online venture and for any business that owns a web site.


There are many advertising options online that usually carry a per action or per click cost.  These might seem cheaper at first, but the long term costs are much higher than getting natural, organic, free traffic from search engines.


Search engine optimization is not an overnight solution or a one time effort, it is an ongoing, long term effort.  You can optimize your web site for search engines and see it move up on search engines, but to maintain those rankings you need to keep working at it, since each time you pass a site in ranking, you can rest assure that the owner of that site, will increase their search engine optimization efforts to regain the position they lost.

Also, search engines are constantly improving or modifying their algorithms used to rank web sites, thus a professional company such as BrainWired, can ensure that your site is always optimized to meet all the new search engine requirements for best ranking.




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