Website Maintenance


Everyone wants a web site, but what to do when the site has been launched and needs to be updated?  Many times, the web designer has disappeared and you don't know how to access the web site to make t he necessary updates in order to keep its content current.


Your website is only good if it provides current, accurate and useful information.


Believe it or not, we encounter many website owners that simply need someone to help them keep their website up to date and perform maintenance on it.  We find it interesting that their story always seems to be the same.  "We hired a web designer to build our site, they did a fantastic job for $200, but now we can't reach him/her to make some updates" or "We hired a company to build our web site for very little money, but now that we need some updates to the web site, they are trying to charge us thousands of dollar".


Sounds familiar?  Did you go through the same headaches in the past?


If so, BrainWired is the solution.  We offer a wide range of website maintenance agreements to fit any need or budget. 


We can handle updating photos, content or any other aspect of your web site.



Quit stressing over your web site and wasting time.

Your web site should be a result producing extension of your business, not a burden.




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We can take the stress out of dealing with maintaining your website and

your visitors will always see up to date information in a timely manner.





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