Website Performance Monitoring

Website Performance Monitoring


Website, server and transaction performance monitoring is critical to the reduction of downtime. Today, with BrainWired Up Time Service, you can select a minimum of two, several or all global checkpoints. BrainWired Up Time Service is a constantly expanding network, with checkpoints on every continent. Each of these checkpoints will visit your website or server randomly, attempt to access the service you've selected for monitoring, and wait for a response. For the utmost accuracy, BrainWired Up Time Service simulates the click paths of real visitors, customers and end-users. You can even exclude specific checkpoints from your monitoring system or performance overview.


Do you know when your critical website is down? Do you know when it has errors? You will now!


If you want to monitor transactions, BrainWired Up Time Service will help establish the scenarios you want to monitor, such as a shopping cart, login or form page.


If your website, server or transaction gives the right response to one of our global checkpoints, it will report that the service is working properly. If your service gives the wrong response to one of our checkpoints, another checkpoint will attempt to access the service. If your service responds incorrectly to the second checkpoint, it will report that the service isn't working properly.


BrainWired Up Time Service will take an error snapshot in the event a website, transaction or server fails. This snapshot shows precisely what your visitors, customers and/or end-users will see onscreen. With the BrainWired Up Time Service error snapshot technology, you'll have accurate insight regarding the website and transaction failures that have occurred. For example, if your hosting provider isn't aware of the downtime, you can show them the snapshots. Moreover, the advanced snapshot technology is part of our alert, uptime and downtime reports, so you'll always be up to date on the status of errors.


The BrainWired Up Time Service central database will immediately send an alert to the specified list of contacts using the control panel, and inform them why it isn't working properly. Additionally, your notification can be received via e-mail, RSS, instant messaging or SMS/text messaging. BrainWired Up Time Service uses various SMS/text message providers based in North America and Europe.


Alerts can be routed to different teams during off-duty hours, such as evenings or weekends, and you can choose how and when you and the specified co-workers are notified. For example, you can indicate yourself as the first alert recipient, so that after a certain time has elapsed a specific co-worker will be alerted. Or, you could indicate that SMS/text messaging alerts should be sent to the technical department and e-mail reports should be sent to the marketing department or management. Each alert notification will include the local date and time, the reason for the failure, and the name of the website or server. Unlimited contacts can be added to your escalation settings.


If your service remains down, additional alerts will be sent to remind your contacts that the service isn't working correctly.


Our checkpoints will continue to attempt your service in order to determine its status. Once the service responds correctly to this checkpoint, it will report that the service is working properly again. Our central database will then send a message to indicate that the service is back in order.


The results are stored in our data archive. Your log files will be kept for up to 90 days, but there is no limit regarding the historical data of your reports. Based on the data archive, BrainWired Up Time Service provides detailed online interactive reports regarding the loadtime, errors, resolve time and uptime, all based on Web 2.0 technology. So, your online reports will refresh quickly and automatically. We can automatically send you and your co-workers daily, weekly or monthly scheduled e-mail reports, and the BrainWired Up Time Service Enterprise edition has an operations cockpit that automatically indicates the uptime status during the day.


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